Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hermessence Ambre Narguile Review

Kind of difficult to put a finger on exactly what I expect from something associated with the great fashion house Hermes.  Whatever it is, it's not this.  My first thoughts after applying were: Not for me, but I don't all together hate it.  About ten minutes later I completely changed my mind: I alltogether hate it.

The best way I can describe Ambre Narguile is to say that it walks the line between ugly and pretty....and it walks it like a toddler...who is drunk...on milk that is so far gone it's alcoholic (this doesn't seem possible..).  It's really more the line between small domestic animal urine and apple pie.  There is obviously amber there, and a pretty heavy gourmand cinnamon/apple combo that would put me off from the beginning. But the real kicker...and this is going to sound pretty smells like the smell of a person who (unconciously) lets their environment become their perfume.  For example, houses that smell of only laundry and mac and cheese and kitty litter.  Well there are those people who just sort of smell like weird coddled spoiled-milk-drinking children (well into their adult years) and you wonder what combination of events lead them to smell like that until you visit their house.  It's the smell of a person who just doesn't care and I'm not a fan of those people. I guess in this way, it's too realistic of smell for me....or anyone.  It might take a special special person to pull this off.  I don't want to meet them. Unless it's Martha Stewart because I could really see that happening.

It was disturbing enough that I walked out of my front door, locked it, jumped into my car, started the engine....and was so appalled by the way I smelled that I ran back into the house and doused myself in Kiehl's Musk.  Even then, I still smell this absolutely bothersome perfume clawing its way out.

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